Gluten Free Red Velvet Protein Bites

Gluten Free Red Velvet Protein Bites | NutriFitMama




    One of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day is Red Velvet. Red Velvet anything really. It’s Considering that most (ok pretty much all..) red velvet treats are really not good for you, I am going to be sharing lots of fun healthier options for you this week. If you aren’t a Red Velvet fan (what’s wrong with you?! just kidding..kind of… 😉 ) then you can easily sub out a couple ingredients and keep it vanilla or chocolate. No biggie.

    Today, we will begin with Red Velvet Protein Bites. I was SO excited to find a red velvet protein shake mix the other day. Unfortunately, when I tasted it I almost gagged. It was one of THE most disgusting things I have ever tasted in my life. It totally gave red velvet a bad name. It was that bad. I decided I needed a yummy red velvet protein option, so I decided to go for it.

Gluten Free Red Velvet Protein Bites | NutriFitMama

    All I have to say is that OMG..the kids and I are hooked. My husband hasn’t had the opportunity to try these yet, but I’m thinking he will be a fan. We will see. And they don’t contain any crap or artificial food dyes etc that are typically found in red velvet treats today. Chocolate Covered Red Velvet Protein Bits | NutriFitMama


Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan Red Velvet Protein Bites | NutriFitMama

    These are perfect to keep in the fridge or freezer, and they will travel well also. Gluten free, paleo/vegan option, and just so good…

Gluten Free Red Velvet Protein Brownies | NutriFitMama

    Ok, here you go. Enjoy!


Gluten Free Red Velvet Protein Bites
Red Velvet Protein Bites {Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan}
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  1. 1/4 Cup Almond Meal/Flour
  2. 3 TBS Vanilla Protein Powder
  3. 2-3 TBS Coconut Flour
  4. 2 TBS Raw Cacao or Cocoa Powder
  5. 1 tsp Beet Root Powder (omit if you don't want "red" velvet)
  6. 1-2 TBS Maple Syrup (optional- use extra coconut oil if you don't add any liquid sweetener)
  7. 3 TBS Almond Milk
  8. 1 TBS Coconut Oil, melted
  9. 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  10. 1/4 Cup + 2 TBS Dark Chocolate
  1. Mix dry ingredients (almond meal, coconut flour, protein powder, beet root powder) in a bowl.
  2. Add wet ingredients and mix well.
  3. Roll out dough onto tray lined with parchment paper and place in freezer for about 15 minutes.
  4. Remove from freezer and slice into small squares.
  5. Melt dark chocolate in the microwave in 30 second increments, and either dip the squares into melted chocolate or use a small knife to "frost" the squares.
  6. Store in the fridge or freezer and enjoy.

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42 thoughts on “Gluten Free Red Velvet Protein Bites

  1. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    I love red velvet and I like that you went without the dye. I would have no idea where to find beet root powder though..I”m assuming Whole Foods?

    • It actually was NOT at my local Whole Foods (I have seen is at other locations) so I ordered mine off of Amazon (love Amazon Prime.. 😉 )- other health food stores might have it also. It’s definitely worth getting a little bag of it because it has SO many uses and it’s MUCH better to use if you need to color/dye something!

    • I think that all coconut flour would change the texture a lot, so the other ingredients would definitely need to be in alternate proportions- if you try out any combos that you like let me know! :)

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  4. Lauren

    I tried these today and they taste amazing!! I went without the protein powder and red beet power since I didn’t have any, and they were still delicious. Do you double or triple the recipe? I doubled it and it still didn’t cover the entire 9″ pan I used. 1/4 cup flour is barely any for a recipe.

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  12. Those look sooo good. I’m working on a post that uses beet puree and I have some leftover. Do you think I could use this in lieu of the beet root powder?

    • Yes definitely- I would add the beet purée instead of the almond milk- if you feel it needs any additional liquid, add the almond milk a tsp at a time (with the purée you shouldn’t need additional liquid)

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